Frequently Asked Questions

General Topics

  • The Briar Hill Board is composed of unpaid volunteers. They are your neighbors and do a lot of work to keep Briar Hill a great place to live. The builder is no longer involved with Briar Hill.
  • The Briar Hill Board is responsible for maintaining all the common areas like the drainage ponds, entrances and park. That includes any sidewalks inside those common areas.
  • The Briar Hill Board is responsible for ensuring that our homeowners understand and comply with the bylaws. Please note that the bylaws are part of the restrictions attached to each home as established by the builder & Pittsfield Township.
  • The streets in Briar Hill are maintained by the Washtenaw County Road Commission. If you have issues with road maintenance or snow plowing please contact them directly.
  • Drainage issues are a complex subject. Within Briar Hill a limited number of drainage areas are identified as the responsibility of both Briar Hill and the Washtenaw County Drain Commission. If the problem is easy to identify and relatively inexpensive then Briar Hill may choose to contract and pay for the work. However, more difficult situations are left to the Washtenaw County Drain Commission.
  • Briar Hill is a site condominium consisting solely of detached single family residences. That means that each homeowner owns their property and the home on it. The homeowner is responsible for the maintenance & insurance of his own property. The term condominium is only applicable to the common areas (park, entrances, drainage, etc.) which are owned by all the homeowners in Briar Hill.
  • Briar Hill consists of 180 homes. The homes were built in four phases starting on the north end near Oak Valley and concluding on the south end near Ellsworth. Phase 1 has 27 homes. Phase 2 has 48 homes. Phase 3 has 61 homes. Phase 4 has 44 homes.
  • Briar Hill does not have a management company.
  • The Briar Hill Treasurer will provide a dues status to Title Companies and realtors in support of home sales, mortgages and refinances. Requests to fill out long forms can be accommodated with a reasonable amount of time allowed for response. For answers to the long form please see this PDF.

Leasing/Renting your residence

Per the Briar Hill Association By-Laws (Article VI Section 2. (Leasing and Rental)
a. Right to Lease): A co-owner, including the developer, desiring to rent or lease a unit shall disclose that fact in writing to the Association at least ten (10) days before presenting a lease or otherwise agreeing to grant possession of a unit to potential lessees or occupants and, at the same time, shall supply the Association with a copy of the exact lease for its review for its compliance with the condominium documents, etc. Please see By-Laws under ‘Restrictions’ pg. 11.

Take pride in your property

The Briar Hill Homeowners’ Association would like to remind each homeowner of the positive impact a clean and well-maintained lot has on the entire sub-division. As in past years, we encourage you to regularly inspect your home’s exterior and landscaping. Meticulously caring for your lawn, shrubs, trees, and correcting any exterior home maintenance issues will add to the enjoyment of all residents.

Property values in the neighborhood are related to the condition of the surrounding homes. Take pride in your property. Per the by-laws, “Each co-owner shall have the responsibility to maintain the grounds of his/her unit, including the mowing of grass, removal of weeds, removal of dead vegetation from garden plots, and proper trimming of shrubs and trees.”

Trash night

The By-Laws state that trash should be placed at the curb ‘no’ earlier than 6pm the night before trash pick-up day (Thursday, for Friday trash pick-up). Recycling is picked up every other week.

All trash should be placed in covered containers to prevent access by animals and to prevent the wind from blowing it all over the neighborhood. If your trash is not in a covered container, please put it in a heavy duty trash bag. If your trash blows around or the birds/raccoons/coyotes get at it, please go out and pick it up.

Mailing List and Web Site

All residents with an e-mail address are encouraged to send a note to our president so that we may send you updates. Send message to

Check out this website for minutes, events, and other information related to the neighborhood. If you have a suggestion for additional FAQs, please submit them to

Social Media

Briar Hill has an active presence on the Social Media site Please join that site to interact on a more casual basis with your neighbors.